Tell a Story with Data


Graph of Percentage of A's in Certain Courses at UMW

The data for this graph is from the University of Mary Washington’s Grade Distribution Report from the graduate Spring 2023 semester.


Row LabelsSum of A %
Grand Total405.5750993
Data of courses and total percentages of A’s


According to the graph and the data it appears EDSE has the greatest total of A percentage than any other class within the data set. With EDUC coming with the second greatest total of A percentages. Then GBUS came with the third highest percentages of A’s.


I first looked at the data and then came up with a question that could be answered with the data given. The question I came up with was which course had the highest percentage of A’s? Then I gathered the names of the courses and the percentage’s of A’s in each of the courses. Next I created a Pivot Table with the data I collected and put it into a bar graph. The bar graph was the best choice of graph to show that EDSE had the greatest total of A percentage’s within the rest of the courses in the data.

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